Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Red dust storm

First of all apologies for not posting yesterday, I flew into Sydney in the morning from Wellington where I spent a long weekend then went straight to work and finished the day very tired and couldn't get round to post a little something.

What a day it has been in Sydney!! I woke up this morning to the news that the city was shrouded in a blanket of red dust. I opened my curtains and wow! What a sight!! I got ready very quickly and left as I knew my walk to work would be a long one because of the photo stops I would make!

From top to bottom: Taylor Square, ANZAC Memorial Hyde Park, Martin Place, Opera House, Harbour Bridge


Julie said...

I like each of those, but maybe the Martin Place one is my favourite. It was eerie, wasn't it? I was not as brave as you - i stayed inside as long as I could.

French Sydneysider said...

Thank you Julie! I was quite happy with the MP shot too. I'm not too sure about brave :).. I was reading your post about the storm earlier today and I understand why you stayed indoors, it was surely wiser to do so.

It sure was eerie and yet beautiful! And lots of happy snappers around town.

Mirela said...

Fantastic shots! As much as the storm was scary, it presented some amazing photo-ops!

J Bar said...

Amazing shots, all of them. I hope you saw my dust storm shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

French Sydneysider said...

Thanks J.. I did see those great shots! What a day that was!